The Hold Up

PickpocketMy wallet was stolen last Friday. Well, according to the NYPD it was “lost.” Here’s the sitch: I stopped into a sketchy Harlem grocery store near where I live. I never go there, but I was doing laundry, and it made sense to shop locally so I could dash into the laundromat and switch my clothes over. I paid for my purchases, but realized I still had some time to kill, so I wandered around the store some more for a bit. Then I went home to drop everything off. As I was digging around for quarters for my laundry, I realized that my wallet was missing. I ran back to the grocery store to see if I’d left it there, but nothing had been turned in. Immediately, I called and cancelled all my credit cards. There were no charges. Likely whomever had the wallet just pocketed the cash and tossed everything else. I probably lost $80-90 in cash. Annoying, but not the end of the world. The worst part was trying to replace all my ID cards from three different colleges, my library card, and my drivers license. Each card had a replacement fee. The fee would have been waived if the police report had said my wallet was “stolen,” but because I didn’t actually see someone take it, the police won’t report it as a theft. Come on, NYPD! I have a drivers license with my address on it, and several business cards with my work address, phone number, and email in the wallet. No one has made any attempt to contact me about the wallet. Say it wasn’t taken from my bag, but someone found it on the floor. Since they’ve now kept it, and made no effort to return it, I think we can validly say the wallet, by now, is “stolen.”

I wish they’d just mugged me. Yes, shoved a gun in my face and demanded my money. I would have gladly handed over all my cash for the privilege of holding on to my ID and other cards, including  a Pinkberry card with three stamps. Boo!

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