What I Did For Love

Peach MuffinsI Baked! These were absolutely delish. Like peach cobbler on the go.

Last year I worked like crazy, trying to make enough to live on my own and pay huge amounts of money towards my student loans. I was rather successful, but I wouldn’t say I was especially happy. In the process of becoming financially responsible, I forgot something important: I love to create. This can be theatre projects, collage covers for my folders and books, baking – anything really. I was too tired and worn down and always one or two steps behind in preparing for classes or completing work for the department at the fashion college.

Things are different this Fall. Yes, I am working less, but on Monday I made a batch of Peach Muffins (recipe here) for my 8am Public Speaking class. I’ve been taking outdoor yoga classes, and making time to meet up with good friends. I was just cast in a small role for an upcoming independent film, I’m writing a play, and I wake up in the morning excited about the day ahead again. Maybe I’ll be 85 when I finally pay off these stupid student loans. So what? What’s money, anyway? Worn out bits of metal and germ-infested greenish slips of paper. What do I really need? Food, shelter, clothing, safety, opportunities to grow and improve, and to love and feel loved. Right now I have all of those things. Luck me, eh? I may not have a 401K bursting at the seams, but I am leading a rich and full life. Priceless. And for everything else, there’s Mastercard 🙂

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