Flower Girl

Jumbo AstersThese are Jumbo Asters. No, I didn’t get them from an adoring, thoughtful guy. I grew them! My miniscule plot in the Harlem Community Garden has produced sugar peas (enough for one large meal), asparagus, and bunches of these beautiful blooms. There were so many blossoms, that I cut a few to bring home and brighten up my kitchen. Not bad for a novice, eh? Maybe my thumb is a teen bit green after all.

I start back up at the fashion college tomorrow. I’m ready. I’m really ridiculously organized this semester, with all of my assignments for the semester already loaded into Blackboard. I’m also hoping to somehow get my act together in enough time to write something for the playwriting group at the Public Theatre. 9 days to write a 60+ page play? I can do this! That means 12 pages per day for the next five days, with a few days to edit before it’s due. Hmmm. The nice thing is, this will force me to be finished right before my other school begins and my life gets all crazy. We’ll see…



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