Back to School

LIM College Summer officially ends for me next week. Monday, August 22nd, sends me back into the classroom where 87 fashion students await my further instructions, with more to come as the other schools start up the following week. I’ve prepared my syllabi, assignment guide sheets, lecture notes and exams. Yet, no matter how much I prepare, there is an air of uncertainty surrounding the first week. It’s impossible to know how anything will really go over until I meet the students. Each group is so different, and brings a unique energy to the room that affects the instruction, the tone, and sometimes even the quality of the work. I hope for the best.

This semester I am teaching Public Speaking, which I love. It’s more than just a class – it’s a life skill. The time passes very quickly, because it’s such a participatory course. I’m also teaching an Intro to Theatre class, which I developed. This is a lot of fun for me. We make masks, we write, produce, and perform in plays. We even take a walking tour of Broadway. I teach a First Year Experience course for freshmen which is basically a series of workshops about how to survive college life. I get to meet one-on-one with students in this class, and it’s nice to sit down with them and hear some of their stories. I’m also teaching a Research and Analysis class based on the runway collections of Alexander McQueen. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about his work and gathering materials this summer. I went to the Met Museum exhibit twice! I’ve divided each class up into 1/3 research instruction, 1/3 practical application activities, and 1/3 research in the fashion industry. I’ve never taught a course with a fashion focus before, so this will be sort of my test bunny. We’ll see if I can do it.

Now the important question – what am I going to wear??? 🙂

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