Day 18: Danielle Patent Leather Sandals

green patent leather sandalsI bought these shoes years ago in Chicago. In spite of a dainty heel and thin straps, they are awfully hardy. I have repaired them countless times with super glue, and they keep trekking on.

My hives are mostly gone. Curse you, watermelon! Yet perhaps I am only allergic to mass quantities of watermelon (for every meal, over a period of three days). Oh, I hope that’s the case! I couldn’t bear to ban my favorite summer fruit forever.

Summertime also kicks up my craving for pasta. I suppose because it’s light and won’t weigh me down on a broiling night in NYC. I was experimenting in the kitchen this evening, and came up with this lovely combo: penne pasta with marinara sauce, fresh peas and feta cheese. Absolutely delish!

penne feta peas So this summer French class I am taking might have been a colossal mistake. I am struggling. I feel like the instructor is moving so quickly and I have memorized and regurgitated all this info, but it’s not really sticking. I need time for new concepts to settle. Oy. I have another exam tomorrow which I am so not prepared for. C’est la vie, eh? Must power through.


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