Day 17: Delia’s Gingham Heels

Delia's gingham heelsI bought these for my sister Amy’s Idaho wedding. Her colors were sky blue and yellow. Perfect, eh? I was going for a Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) meets Sex and the City look.

Watermelon servingSo my watermelon diet has not made me noticably skinnier. I have, however, potentially developed a watermelon allergy. Is  this even possible? Alas, yes. I went online and found out that you can develop random allergies to things as an adult that you’ve been eating your whole life without issue. About an hour or so after I had my first watermelon meal I broke out in crazy hives. Did that stop me from eating watermelon the rest of the week? Nopers. I am finishing up the last of it now. My theory is that if I push on, in spite of the itchy hives, eventually the allergy will give up the fight and go away. Life is too short to let a mere undiagnosed allergy get in the way of a perfectly ripe watermelon.

I renewed my lease on my happy little Harlem home this week. Do I love this apartment? No. But it’s cozy and clean, and moving would be such a pain. Plus, moving costs money, of which I am in scant supply at the moment. Maybe next year I’ll finally graduate to a Jr. one-bedroom, or a slightly larger studio closer to the places I love. J’espère.

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