Day 16: Guess Peep-toe Pumps

Guess Peep Toe PumpsThese were a Goodwill find. The heel is high, but they’re actually quite comfortable, partially due to the platform toe.

I’ve been MIA for awhile, because my summer class at the fashion college was cancelled and I was scrounging for work. Thankfully, I just picked up two sections at City College with their Urban Scholars Program. I’ll be teaching Mass Communication and Society and Public Speaking, starting – tomorrow! Wish me luck.

I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge last week in just under 35 minutes. Boo. But there were so many people this year that I couldn’t push any faster. It felt like every 1o feet someone directly in front of me would give up and start walking and I’d have to dodge around them. Even when the finish line was in sight! Come on people, that’s the time to rally. Seriously.

So I sort of slipped up and accidently ducked into a Trader Joe’s, even though I’m not supposed to be spending ANY money, and now I need to eat watermelon every meal for the next four days. *Sigh* The good news is that I really like watermelon. AND – I will inadvertently be following the watermelon diet. Who knew watermelons were so good for you?  By next week I will be skinner, vitamin saturated, and ultra hydrated. Yum.


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