Day 15: Gold Strappy Sandals

Gold Strappy SandalsSummer is a surprisingly difficult time to write in a blog. Why? The lovely weather is awfully distracting. Thank goodness today’s weather was not lovely, unless you love a nice, cool drizzle.

I am not a huge fan of classic musical revivals, but I recently saw Anything Goes on Broadway with my friends Tracy and Leslie. Sutton Foster did a marvelous job. She has a light belt, with a unique sound. I thought it totally worked for Reno. And you could tell she was having a lot of fun up there. The production had a couple painfully slow numbers, mainly in the cruise ship prison scenes, but overall it was delightful. This is the show you bring your mother to when she’s in town.

Grades are in for Spring Semester at Hunter College. I got an “A” in French! C’est cool, n’est pas? However, I’m floundering this summer. The class moves very fast, and I’m having trouble keeping everything straight: the imparfait, the subjunctive, the conditional, the passé compose, the future…Why are the French so complicated?

The Chase Corporate Challenge is tomorrow. Am I ready? Nopers. I haven’t trained in weeks. Well, I’ll give it my best shot. How bad can it be?

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