Day 14: Nina Heels

Blue snakeskin Nina strappy sandalsI won these shoes at an LIM College fashion show after party. Actually, I won a certificate for a free pair of shoes from Nina. I had a more conservative pair in mind, but I let my Public Speaking students give their input. Almost unanimously, this was the pair they chose. Do I wear them every day? No. But I kind of love them just the same. I wear them when minimal walking is required.

Speaking of out of the ordinary, I was doing my weekly Trader Joe’s run when I realized they were completely out of all the normal flavors of popsicles. Quelle horror! No Strawberry, no Lime, no Caribbean, no Mango. All that was left were 8-10 boxes of Chile Mango. What a surprise. Sounds disgusting. Who would buy those? Still, a girl has to have popsicles. I mean, it is summer and all. I bought a box, hoping they would last me until TJ’s got its act together and restocked. How did I never realize that these are insanely good? Addicting. The bars are sweet, and yet pack a decent amount of heat. They make my lips tingle. I would never have tried them if they weren’t the only option left of the shelf, yet now this is my new favorite flavor. Funny how life works out, eh?


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