Day 5: BCBG Girls Pumps

BCBG Girls leather pumpsMy friend Kristina Harris made a movie! I’m so impressed. It’s called Diminished Chords, and is about a deaf girl who learns to sing. Kristina wrote the script and starred in it. It’s only 30 minutes long, but she’s hoping to get funding to produce the full version. I went to the screening today at NYU, so I wanted to look a little fancy. I picked up these pumps at the Goodwill for about $10 a year or so ago. I don’t wear these shoes a ton, as, like most New Yorkers, my wardrobe is overrun with black. Still, it’s good to have some saucy brown options on hand.

viveAfterwards we went out for crepes at Vive la Crêpe in the East Village. J’adore les crêpes! I had ice cream and mixed berries on mine. Mmmmm. I really do need to learn how to make these. I cut out early, (11ish) as tomorrow will be my last 9am Saturday bright and early class at City College. It’s been fun, and the kids are sweet, but I think we all are hugely looking forward to sleeping in next week!

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