Day 4: Red Wedges

red wedge sandalsAccording to my beloved Shopaholic series, there are two ways to improve your financial situation:

1. Cut Back

2. Make More Money

I’m as cut back as I can comfortably be right now, so I’m trying out the MMM approach. I went through my bookshelves, and sorted out all the books I don’t really love and haven’t read in years. There were seven of them. I sold one on Amazon, and the rest at Strand (an awesome used bookstore) which netted me just over $20! De-cluttering, and getting rich! They would have given me an extra dollar at Strand if I’d accepted store credit instead of cash. I was sorely tempted, but managed to resist. Remember, Becky, if you can find it at a used bookstore, you can probably find it at the public library.

These wedge sandals are actually really comfortable, and I bought them almost five years ago at Marshalls on sale. Such a bargain. They are a bit summery for our current weather, but I am ever the optimist.

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