Day 1: Neon Blue Flats

neon blue flatsToday was my last day of teaching for the semester. Wow. Where did the weeks go? Just the grading left. Fun times. I always get a teeny bit down at the end of the semester. Change is good for me, and I adore beginnings, but endings leave me feeling blue. I’ll miss many of my students, and the energy I get from being in front of an audience all day. Now who will listen to my stories and laugh in all the right places? Who will write down all the important things I say and study them? Who will seek out my critique and implement all my suggestions? I’m about to become an ordinary person again. Boo-hoo. That’s so not me. Hurry, fall!

A blue day calls for blue shoes (flats, because I’m on my feet when I teach) with blue nails to match. Soon it will be too hot for close-toed shoes, so I need to work through these quickly!

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