The Shoe Challenge: 21 Days

21 day shoe challengeI have 21 pairs of shoes, not including my boots. Is that a lot? Several pairs are on the fritz and will go the way of the trash bin soon. But I’d love one more excuse to wear them, you know, to say goodbye. So here’s the challenge: I will wear a different pair of shoes every day for 21 days. I don’t have to wear the shoes the entire day, but I must wear them outside of my apartment. This will be fun. You know I love a good fashion challenge to break me out of a style rut.

Garden update: some stupid mice ate all the leaves of my cute little pea plants. The seedlings may die. Grrr. Thankfully my Anthropologie herbs seem to be thriving. I am also accidently growing asparagus. Whomever had my plot last year must have planted some, and it’s a root vegetable that comes up every year. C’est cool, n’est pas?

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