Spring Into Action

Kate Spade Navy Rain BootsSpring is here. What does that mean? In New York City, right now that means rain and thunderstorms for the next three days straight. *Sigh* We’re clearly due for some amazing flowers, come May. I don’t love rain. Oh, once in awhile it can be a nice break from a hot, humid summer. But rain after rain after rain after rain…can start to get me down. So here’s my plan to cope:

Diet: fruits and veggies every day. Vitamin C especially seems to help. The fruit cart guy in front of my work is going to love me this month.

Natural Light: I will find at least 2o minutes a day to work upstairs at my school in the faculty lounge with the windows.

Exercise: I am committing to yoga at least once a week, and if my knee is feeling better I’ll throw in my 30 min run (gotta get ready for the big race).

Serenity: I will make time for prayer, scripture study and personal reflection, no matter how crazy packed my days are.

Moving Forward: Often the rainy part of spring makes me feel stuck in the blahs, unsatisfied with my life. Setting and working toward goals seems to help with this. What are my spring projects? 1. Lining up summer work! I can start working as early as May 13th. 2. Papers/Conferences – I haven’t done much of this in the past two years. I need to start writing submissions. 3. Getting an “A” in my French class. So far I’m on track. I received an “A” on both exams. There is one more to go. I still have the group presentation, and the cumulative final exam. I can do it! 4. Theatre! I need to start auditioning. It would be fun to have a summer acting project.

I’ll look at those icky rainy days as an excuse to pull out my darling Kate Spade rain boots ( a $40 Marshalls purchase!) that I love, and splash through the days until summer. It will be here before I’m even ready for it.

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