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Sleep No More…

I am terrified of ghosts. Yes, I hope my loved ones are alive and well and watching out for me, but I have no desire to actually see their spirits float across the room. Sorry Grandma! I still love you! … Continue reading

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The Commitment Pattern

Look at my little darlings! They’re coming up a week earlier than I expected! Are you familiar with the commitment pattern? Phase One: Care for and nurture a plant. If you can keep a houseplant alive for at least three … Continue reading

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Green Thumb

I’ve never had great luck with potted plants. The fickle things will last a week or two under my care, and then eventually kick the bucket. Perhaps this is due to my inconsistant watering schedule. It could be that the … Continue reading

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Spring Into Action

Spring is here. What does that mean? In New York City, right now that means rain and thunderstorms for the next three days straight. *Sigh* We’re clearly due for some amazing flowers, come May. I don’t love rain. Oh, once … Continue reading

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