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Mediterranean pizza ingredients

Mediterranean PizzaI eat a lot of pizza. There’s a 99 Cent Pizza place right by the main campus where I teach. You can get two slices of cheese pizza and a soda for $2.75. Can’t beat that, eh? And when I’m not a work, I like to make pizzas. You can buy pizza dough from Trader Joe’s for a dollar. My Mom was shocked when she heard this. “Why  on earth would anyone pay a whole dollar for pizza dough? It’s so easy and cheap to make! You just need flour, salt, sugar, yeast, and olive oil. Throw it all in the bread machine, and in an hour or so…” See, that’s just it. I don’t have an hour or so. What do I have? A dollar.

I made this Mediterranean-style pizza with whole wheat pizza crust, goat cheese, spinach, marinara sauce and black olives. Delish. Took about 20 mins from prep to eating.

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