Solstice Yoga in Times Square 2009Not everyone loves yoga. It’s like mushrooms. So many people can’t stand mushrooms, and are forever picking them off and out their food. I, on the other hand, adore mushrooms. Sometimes that’s all I’ll have to eat for dinner. I slice up a quarter pound or so, and saute them in butter until they’re a rich golden brown. Mmmmm. I also adore yoga. My body likes to twist and stretch.

Back in 2008 I joined a group that does yoga in Times Square every year on the solstice. Not only is it a free yoga class, but they give out great swag: t-shirts, yoga mats, free-class coupons, healthy snacks and beverages. They use this picture on a lot of their promo materials, and one day I spotted an ad as I was flipping through my copy of Time Out New York. I looked at the image a little closer, and, oh my goodness that’s me! I AM famous! You’ll probably never be able to find me. I cropped about a hundred people or so out of this pic to make it easier, but it’s still a long shot. Hint: I am wearing red pants and an aqua top (coincidentally, also my friend Christine’s wedding colors). Where’s Becky???

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