How to Save Money Without Really Trying

hot broke messes: how to have our latte and drink it too

I really do need a new computer. My baby has been limping along for over six years now, but I just don’t know how long she can last. Do I absolutely have to have a Mac? Well, here’s the thing: I look at it as an investment. How many PC users do you know that have owned their laptop for, let’s even say, four years? Not many, eh? A new machine is going to set me back about $1500 with taxes, etc. BUT – if you divide that by six years, it’s only a little over $200 a year. So cheap! Where will I come up with $15oo?

I’ll be honest, I don’t love saving money. I got this book (from the library, Sîobhan!), Hot Broke Messes: How to Have Your Latte and Drink it Too. I don’t drink coffee, but the principle is the same. I want to save money without making huge sacrifices in my quality of life. Basically, Nancy Treios explains, there are two ways to save money: 1. Spend less. 2. Earn more. She gave me some great ideas that I am trying to follow.

Spend less – I will bring my lunch to work every day.  Also, I am on a “fun” budget until I buy my laptop. I can only spend $100 per month on fun. You think that’s easy? You don’t live in a major city. Finally, I am not allowed to try on clothes. If you don’t try them on, you won’t see how fabulous they look and justify buying them.

Earn more – She suggests teaching a course at a local college. Unfortunately, I am already doing that for my day job. Great. I have a hobby career.  However, I am teaching an extra English Grammar class on Saturdays mornings three times a month at City College. Fun, eh? She also suggests movie extra work. It turns out I can do this at night. It pays less than teaching a class, but it’s way easier. I basically sit around and grade papers until they call me in for a crowd scene. Last weekend I was about a foot away from Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer. I should have accidently fallen on them. Michelle is stunning, but Zac looks like such a kid in person.

My goal is to save up enough money to get the laptop by May 20th. I hope my current computer will last that long…

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4 Responses to How to Save Money Without Really Trying

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  3. Dan says:

    Oh so sad, my laptop just died last week and I am still in mourning/denial.

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