I am in a Committed Long-Term Relationship…

G4 MacbookWith my computer. I have been the proud owner of a beautiful 14 inch G4 Macbook for over six years now. Alas, I realize my baby is not as young as she once was. Many of the more frequently used letters have worn off the keyboard. Netflix “Play Now” movies refuse to play at all. Youtube videos run at a ridiculously slow and erratic pace, and iMovie will perform only the most basic functions. I took my computer to the Genius Bar because it was no longer reading DVDs. The Genius Bar helper called over a friend. “Wow, look at this! ” It turns out I have a vintage Mac. Six years is like 100 years in technology time. I had to take my laptop to a vintage computer specialist for repair.  It’s probably time to upgrade.

Here’s the thing: 14 inch laptops are almost perfectly square. Apple stopped making this size with the G4 version. I know it’s stupid, but I don’t really like the rectangular shape of 13in and 15in screens. A square is so much more elegant.

I have poured a ton of money into this thing to keep in running over the years, but it spontaneously shuts down more and more frequently, and the Disk Utility keeps saying, “Error. Cannot repair.” I can sense that the end is at hand, whether I’m ready for it or not. Sob! I keep putting it off, like an ailing pet that really ought to be put to sleep, but no one can bear to let go.

It seems my commitment issues are entirely nullified in my relationship with my computer. Apple gets to me.

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