“Lady” Bracknell

Lady Bracknell the importance of being earnest

Why do I love The Importance of Being Earnest so much? Oscar Wilde is ridiculously funny. And I do have a soft spot in my heart for pithy period British comedies. But, from an actor’s perspective, I think the main reason is that the female characters hold the position of power in every relationship. The female characters are also the most interesting. John Worthing has a brief moment to shine when we find out the history of the unfortunate handbag and his true parentage, but that scene really belongs to Miss Prism. Algernon Moncrieff attempts to attract us with his tales of Bunburrying, but his antics cannot hold a flame to the delightful Cecily and her historical account of their imaginary relationship. The Rev. Chasuble is always forgettable, but Lady Bracknell, though her physical presence on stage is brief, is a pervading influence throughout the play.

In the Roundabout’s production, Lady Bracknell is played by Brian Bredford. He is also the show’s director. His physical and vocal transformation is as hillarious as it is inspiring. Bravo, Brian!

My dear friend Andria scored an extra ticket for me. She got them for $22 through the Roundabout’s Hiptix program! And people say New York is unaffordable. They need to make friends with Andria.


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