Would You Like Some Chocolate With Your Whine?


The first research paper of the semester is always rough. Many students are not prepared for the rigor of the grade rubric. And young people often have such a hard time owning their shortcomings. “She gave me a C-!” I don’t give grades. You earn them. “This quiz was way too hard!” It was open book. If you would open the book periodically BEFORE the quiz, the information would be more readily accessible. “I’ve never even heard of that!” Actually, you were, indeed, present in class last Tuesday when the material was covered. I think we need to clarify the difference between “listen” and “hear.”

It was a hard day. Lots of office hours with disgruntled students. What can make any day better? Candied orange peels dipped in dark chocolate! Orangettes. See the recipe. I made these! I really did. Ingredients: Oranges, sugar, water, chocolate chips. So easy. Totally delish. Feels healthy, even though it’s essentially homemade candy.



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