Day 21: Valentine’s Day

valentine's day nails

Perhaps this is cheating. It’s not a new color, it’s a combination of Dutch Tulips and Passing By Pink. But I’m counting it. My nails are tired of new colors.

So I did the challenge, although my 21 days were not always consecutive. What did I learn? If you do something every day you start to get good at it. I used to be so bad at painting my nails. It took forever, and I would smudge polish all over the place. It was mandantory for me to finish off each nail with a Q-tip dipped in polish remover. But by the end of the challenge I had to occasionally do my nails at work, and I didn’t even bring remover with me. I knew I wouldn’t need it. It now takes me about two minutes to do a base coat, five minutes to let the polish dry, and then two minutes to do the top coat. The whole process is under fifteen minutes, and I can type while they dry.

I need a couple weeks off, but I want to start another challenge in March. Hmmmm. What to do?


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