Day 18: Sellout

sellout nail polish hard candy

I couldn’t get this bottle open. I tried all the usual tricks: running a Q-Tip soaked with nail polish remover around the rim of the cap, warming up the bottle, wrapping rubber bands around the lid and the bottle for better grip. Nothing worked.

**All my feminist friends  need to stop reading here.**

Okay, I know it’s wrong. But what’s the one solution that always comes through? I brought the bottle down to IT at work. “I have a tiny problem…” Guys love challenges like this. And within a few minutes I had an open bottle of nail polish. From the looks of the cap, I think they might have used pliers. The IT hero was a little sheepish as he passed the bottle back. I didn’t mind. A few scrapes on the lid were a small price to pay for access to this beautiful, funky color I had long forgotten about.


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