Day 17: Sinful

red nail polish

How can you go wrong with a deep, shiny red called “Sinful?” In case you need a refresher, the seven deadly sins are:

Wrath – My students fear this. I rarely get angry, but when I do I mean business.

Greed – I want to make more money so I can travel and eat real Greek yogurt (not just the Trader Joe’s brand). I should want to help the impoverished 3rd world countries.

Sloth – On Sundays I don’t get up until 11am, or sometimes even noon

Pride – I choose to teach college, even though I would make more in a K-12 school, because I like the prestige.

Lust – Mmmm

Envy – Every time a student complains about how hard life is, I ache for those easy undergrad days.

Gluttony – I ate three cookies today. I would’ve eaten more, but that’s all there were.

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