Day 15: Dutch Tulips

Dutch Tulips OPI nail polishMy roommate Heather gave me this bright pinky red. Poor Heather. We shared a room in undergrad. Although I come across as a plucky, perky dame, catch me in the wee hours of morning and I am one grumpy little rabbit. Heather was a beautiful person, who would wake up with the sun and read and meditate and pray. During our first few weeks together, she would thoughtfully greet me in the morning as my eyes would twitch open. But getting monosyllabic grunts in response began to dampen her enthusiasm. Eventually she learned to wait until I’d gotten up and moved around a bit before issuing that tentative, “Good morning?” If she received complete words in response, she knew it was alright. Otherwise, best wait a bit longer for Becky to warm up to the day.

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