La Rentrée

Hunter College

I am back in school! “What,” you might ask, “while teaching seven classes?” “How is that possible?” Now hold on. I’m not back in grad school, I’m doing a 2nd BA in French at Hunter College in New York. It’s only three subway stops away from the fashion school where I teach, it’s super cheap, and I can take night classes. Why French?

In eleven years, when I’m an old lady and finished paying off my student loans, while accumulating a healthy nest egg of savings, I’m going to move to France. I’ll rent a tiny, ancient apartment with window boxes for flowers. I’ll work part time making pastries for a petite boulangerie, and while away my free hours at le théâtre, le cinema, and reading my favorite books in the park. Perhaps I’ll write a novel, or join a band. I might even start up an amateur acting group. It will be such fun. What do I need to do to make this happen?

1. Learn to speak French.

2. Stick to my financial plan like glue.

3. Learn how to make French pastries. Practice this.

4. Make friends with people who have friends/family in France so I will have some connections when I get there

5. Make/stay friends with people who have passports and enjoy traveling.

6. If all else fails, marry a French ambassador.

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