Day 12: Grey

grey nail polishI am over half way done with this challenge. Ladies, I dare you to try it. Try it for a week, even. Every day for one week I want you to paint your nails a different color, and then coordinate what you are wearing with that color. Ugh. If I had known it would be this much work, I would never have agreed to do it.

I teach at a fashion college, although I’m in the Arts and Communications department. But my students do their best to keep me in the loop with what’s hip. They leave me little notes on their papers: “Professor Collier, you should try over-the-knee boots with that skirt,” or “Have you ever considered bangs?” It’s like having 120 personal stylists each semester. Very helpful. They let me know that grey was the on-trend color for nail polish in Fall 2010, so I grabbed this $2 bottle from Forever 21.

Once I won a free pair of shoes through some fundraising raffle at school, and I had my public speaking students hold a debate to decide which ones I should choose. I walked away with a pair of 4″ royal blue snake skin stilettos. “You know, to wear when you go out to clubs.” Which I totally do, all the time. Still, at least I didn’t end up with a pair of comfy brown loafers. I’d much rather they picture me dancing the night away than watching Hulu TV in my apartment. Which I never do…

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