Pinkberry: Blood Orange

Pinkberry Blood OrangeOkay, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for advertising. Anything that’s “new,” “limited availability,” or “for a short time only,” I find irresistible.

My favorite Pinkberry combo is a small original with mango topping. I’ve tried it all, and as much as I enjoy the other flavors, they only serve to point out how much I prefer my regular. BUT – this did not stop me from trying out the new blood orange combo. The picture was so exotic, with the bright colors and delicate fan cookie. I always order the seasonal Pinkberry as pictured in the ads. I figure a whole team of highly competent people spent hours in researching and testing options to come up with what they feel is the best possible presentation of their product. Who am I to compete with their expertise?

I did like this combo. It’s very tangy. Blood orange flavored Pinkberry, with blood orange purée and blood oranges. The cookie helps balance out some of the citrus. Is it better than my favorite? Mmmm, no. But it is certainly prettier, and it was a lovely treat.


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