Day 10: Mango-Get-Em

Mango Get Em Nail Polish

This particular shade is less mango-orange, and more melon-orange. It was my go-to color last summer, when I wanted something bright to wear, but not too shocking. This was another little treat I picked up at the L’Oreal Consumer Test Center.

I am a huge fan of mangos, though. In the summer, I’ll often buy a fresh one off the street for lunch. And Trader Joe’s sells the MOST AMAZING DRIED MANGO EVER! It’s called Just Mango, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: dried, unsweetened mango. The Trader Joe’s on 14th Street cannot seem to keep it in stock, so when I go down there and they have it, I buy up 5-10 bags. I suspect everyone else is doing this too, which, in hindsight, is probably why they can’t keep it in stock. If we’d all just relax a bit, there’d probably be plenty to go around. Ah, New York…Mango-Get-Em polish on nails

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