George Condo: Mental States

Mental States, the new George Condo exhibit, opened at the New Museum on Wednesday, and I thought I’d pop down to see it Thursday night because they had extended hours (11am-9pm). Little did I know that Thursday nights are FREE ADMISSION, courtesy of Citibank. Not that the everyday admittance charge is exorbinate, but it was still quite a treat to save my $8 for a cupcake and a button pin from the gift shop. I certainly pay Citibank enough in student loans to qualify for a free museum trip once in a while.

I really like Condo’s early work, with whimsical, ludicrous, and slightly deranged portraits in the style of the “old Masters.” I’m not as crazy about his more sexualized Picasso-ish works that he is more famous for (thanks, in part, to a highly publicized Kayne West cover art gig). My favorite pieces were The Insane Queen, The Psychoanalytic Puppeteer, and The Fallen Butler .

Birdbath, the New Museum cafe, also has fabulous cookies! Thick and chewy. You must have one. The gift shop is teeny, but they do have pins (I collect these) and George Condo playing cards, which were pricey ($25 – I couldn’t justify this), yet super cool.

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