Day 7: Sagitta

sagitta nail polishsagitta nails

I bought this bottle several years ago when I was looking for something similar to the OPI Chica-go-Get-a-Manicure polish that I love. The shade is pretty close, but Sagitta is shimmery, whereas the OPI is shiny. I assume the polish is named after the constellation Sagitta, a bow-shaped grouping of stars near Sagittarius.

I remember taking Astronomy 101 as an undergrad. It was one of my favorite classes, although completely unrelated to my major of Musical Theatre. I loved to sit back in the chair, watching the galaxies, planets and colorful gasses mingling with stars flash across the large overhead screen. If I could have found a way to skip the required physics, calculus and chemistry classes, and if I could have been guaranteed a spot in a space craft someday, I would have changed my major in a heartbeat. Unfortunately life doesn’t offer guarantees, and I would have been miserable as a low-level admin at NASA. But if I could have made it to the moon, or the orbiting space station even, that would have been something…


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