Day 2: Boogie

groovie l'oreal nail polish

I sort of cheated today. I specifically chose the black nail polish, because I had the day off work and I wanted to wear my black velour sweatsuit. I thought the black polish would dress the outfit up some, give it an edge. It was a frightfully cold day, and there’s something about a velour sweatsuit that is a bit like a hug. I needed a hug, too, as school starts tomorrow and there’s still so much to be done.

My brother Shawn bought me this polish as part of a nail kit for Christmas three years ago. It was back when black nail polish was just becoming mainstream cool. Shawn isn’t especially know for his savvy fashion sense. He usually has zero interest in shopping, even for himself, so I was surprised he made such a bold choice for my gift. “I thought it looked like something you would like,” he told me. Bravo Shawn! Someday you’re going to make a lucky girl very happy, but until then, you’re welcome to practice on me.

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