The Nail Challenge: 21 Days

nail polish collection

I teach at a fashion college. Granted, I work in the Arts and Communications Department, but I secretly envy the glamour of the fashion world and wish I knew more about style.

January’s always a tough financial month for me. All my discretionary cash has been funneled off into holiday travel and shopping. It’s not an especially great time to update my look. But around the middle of January I get a case of the style blahs. My eight sweaters, three pairs of boots, and two sets of wooly tights can only be combined so many ways. And yet I just don’t have the funds for some new wardrobe pieces to jazz things up.

What’s a poor adjunct professor to do?

Nail polish! It’s cheap. It’s subtle, yet it accents beautifully. It lasts for years. I have accumulated a whole bucket of the stuff, in every color and texture a girl could want. And for the next 21 days I will wear a different color of nail polish every day, allowing the polish to set the tone of the day’s outfit.

It may not be fancy, but it’s my way of saying, “hey, I care about style.” And it will give me a chance to sort through and clean out my collection. Fun, eh?

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