Welcome 2K11!

It was nice knowing you, 2010. A lot of great things happened during our time together.

Remember Anthropologie? I had the brilliant idea of getting a seasonal job there to purchase the most beautiful yellow leather sofa with an employee discount. Alas, even with the discount, I never could afford that sofa. But I was able to update my kitchen and my wardrobe.

I took a  class at the Alliance Française, and joined a French book club. Granted, we read kiddie books. But it’s a start, eh? I added another school to my roster, City College New York, and I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge again with with colleagues from my fashion college. Last year I finished @ 35mins. This year I finished @ 30.51. I’m getting faster!

I went camping over the summer, and took a pole dancing class with some girlfriends. It’s a lot harder than it looks. I learned to play Mahjong, and saw 13 shows on Broadway. I traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil for a good friend’s wedding,

and I went home to Seattle twice to visit family. Most important, I finally got my own place! It’s this super cheap little baby studio apartment with a teeny kitchen, a full bath, large windows, and it’s all mine! It was a good year.

2011, you have some big shoes to fill.


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